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Business licence



Business licence

The following terms and conditions of our business licence govern the use of the website of Orbit Invest Corporate Services Provider Est. (“ORBIT”, https://www.orbit-csp.com) and its services. By accessing our website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Orbit Invest Corporate Services Provider Est. (“ORBIT”) offers specialised services for companies and individuals in Dubai, which are used by clients from all over the world. As a professional service provider, we are committed to complying with the legal framework and regulations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Below you will find detailed information about our business licence and the legal standards we adhere to in order to ensure a high quality service.

Our professional licence

ORBIT operates under a professional licence issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. This licence is specifically intended for companies that offer professional services based on intellectual or artistic talents and skills.

Details of the licence:

  • Licence number: 1111585.
  • Issuing authority: Department of Economic Development (DED), Business and Tourism, Government of Dubai.
  • Licence type: Professional licence.
  • Authorised activities: Services for businesses and households, including consultancy, management, technical services and more.

100% in foreign ownership

Under its professional licence, ORBIT is 100% foreign-owned, allowing us to operate without a local sponsor. This autonomy supports our commitment to providing uncompromising quality and innovative services to our customers worldwide.

Annual licence renewal

Our professional licence must be renewed annually to ensure continued compliance with DED regulations. Timely renewal is critical to avoid legal sanctions and ensure uninterrupted service to our clients.

Data protection and privacy

We strictly adhere to the UAE’s data protection regulations in order to protect our customers’ personal data. You will find a comprehensive privacy policy on our website detailing how we collect, use, store and protect customer data.

Compliance with advertising and marketing regulations

In accordance with DED guidelines, ORBIT follows ethical advertising practices that are consistent with local laws and cultural norms. This ensures that all promotional materials are truthful and respectful of the diverse populations we serve.

Operational requirements

Depending on the nature of the services, ORBIT may operate from a physical office or provide services directly at the client’s premises. For certain activities, particularly those requiring the handling of sensitive information or equipment, an office space authorised by the DED is used.

Advantages of our licensing

  • Credibility and trust: Our professional licence is proof of our legitimacy and professional competence and creates trust with our clients.
  • Access to markets: The licence allows us to operate throughout Dubai and serve both local and international clients, giving us a wide operating radius.
  • Government support: We benefit from various government initiatives to support professional services, including participation in business networks and access to growth opportunities.

ORBIT is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and provide reliable, high-quality services to our clients. Our team is regularly trained and kept up to date to ensure legal compliance and industry leadership.

Should you require further information about our services or wish to enquire about specific legal aspects of our business, please contact us directly using the contact details provided on our website. We will be happy to assist you with any questions or requirements you may have in relation to our business activities in Dubai.