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ORBIT CSP offers a comprehensive range of professional services in Dubai, tailored to the diverse needs of businesses, families and banking clients. Our expertise includes company formation and PRO services, family relocation support, including real estate and education, as well as specialised banking solutions for private and corporate clients.

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Read and benefit from the latest developments, legislative changes, economic trends and relevant events in Dubai. From here we aim to provide our visitors with valuable insights and information on business, family and banking matters in Dubai. The news published here may be copyrighted and is provided free of charge by ORBIT CSP without any guarantee of accuracy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Frequently asked questions about our services for companies and families in Dubai. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.

The main reasons are:

A) For businesses:

  • Very low taxes and attractive conditions for setting up companies, especially in the free zones.
  • Modern infrastructure and central location for international business relations.
  • Government subsidies and start-up programmes for new companies.
  • Liberal and cosmopolitan environment for business activities.

B) For families:

  • High standard of living, modern infrastructure and high quality of life.
  • Many leisure activities such as theme parks, beaches, shopping centres suitable for families.
  • Safety due to very low crime rate.
  • Multicultural environment for getting to know other cultures.
  • Good educational opportunities with international schools and kindergartens.
  • Pleasant weather all year round for outdoor activities.

The UAE does not levy income tax on individuals. However, they do levy various other taxes that you should be aware of. For example, there is: a VAT of 5% on the purchase of goods and services, which is levied at every stage of the supply chain and ultimately borne by the end consumer; and a corporate tax of 9% for companies making an annual profit of over AED 375,000. However, some small businesses are not affected under certain circumstances (“Small Business Relief”).

We will soon publish articles dealing exclusively with taxation in Dubai (UAE). Visit our website regularly to stay up to date and benefit from the latest information and updates.

In Dubai, both locals and foreigners can set up a business. In fact, Dubai is a favourite destination for foreign entrepreneurs and investors who want to benefit from the business-friendly environment and low tax rates. Interesting facts:

  • Foreigner-friendly policies: over 80% of the population are expats (foreigners), many of whom own their own businesses.
  • 100% foreign ownership: In most cases, foreigners can own 100% of their company.
  • Free zones: The so-called “free zones” are particularly popular with foreign entrepreneurs as they offer numerous benefits, including 0% personal income tax.
  • ORBIT assistance: It is recommended to consult a business incorporation agent or expert, such as ORBIT, who will guide you through the entire process of setting up a business, including choosing the right business sector, licensing and compliance with local regulations.

Setting up a company in Dubai can seem complex due to the various legal and administrative requirements and depends heavily on the overall constellation of the desired business activities. Here is just a global overview of general steps to understand the incorporation process. We at ORBIT will of course help and guide you through all the formalities:

  1. Choose a business activity: Dubai offers approximately 2,000 different business activities that must be approved by the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).
  2. Select company structure: The most common structures in Dubai are: Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietorship, Branch Office and Free Zone Company.
  3. Choose company name: Choose a unique company name that complies with UAE naming conventions. The name must not contain any offensive or religious terms and must be approved by the DED.
  4. Obtain permits and licences: This includes Initial Approval and Trade Name Approval.
  5. Rent an Office: Rent an office or commercial space. A rental agreement (Ejari) is required to obtain the business licence.
  6. Complete Business Registration: All required documents must be submitted to the DED or Free Zone Authority.
  7. Obtain business licence: Upon successful submission and verification of your documents, you will receive your business licence. This licence will allow you to operate legally in Dubai.
  8. Open a bank account: Open a business bank account with a local or international bank in Dubai. This is necessary to carry out financial transactions and operate your business.
  9. Apply for visas and work permits: Residence visas, work visas and dependent visas for family members.
  10. Obtain additional permits (if required): Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to obtain additional permits from specific government authorities, such as the Ministry of Health or the Telecommunications Authority.

The cost of setting up a company in Dubai varies depending on the type of company and the jurisdiction chosen (mainland, free zone or offshore), the personal requirements of the client and the business activities. Therefore, the actual costs cannot be quantified across the board. It is therefore essential that you watch out for dumping offers found on the Internet. Many are dubious and unrealistic.

Book an appointment for a personal initial consultation with us today. We will be happy to provide you with a personalised quote, with transparent costs and no hidden surprises.

Still have more questions?

We endeavour to offer you the best possible support and are always available for individual consultations.



Als erfahrene Unternehmens- und Wirtschaftsberatung unterstützen wir Sie bei der Firmengründung, Familienzusammenführung, Relocation, Immobiliensuche und Bankkontoeröffnung in Dubai. Mit unserer langjährigen Expertise und unserem internationalen Netzwerk sorgen wir für einen reibungslosen Ablauf und helfen Ihnen, Ihre gewünschten Ziele in Dubai zu erreichen.

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Benefit from our expertise in the land of unlimited possibilities! Place your trust in our many years of experience and expertise. We offer you a complete package of services for your new start or further development in Dubai. Source: Dubai Statistics Center (financial year 2023).


  • GDP: 446 billion USD.
  • GDP growth: 3,8%.
  • Unemployment rate: 2,2%


  • Arrivals: 16,7 millions.
  • Growth: 4,2%.
  • Origin: EU, USA, India, Saudi-Arabia.

Real Estate

  • Average price: 350.000 €.
  • Growth: 5,6%.
  • Top districts: Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills.


  • Literacy rate: 99%.
  • 70 universities and high schools.
  • 180 international schools.